Transparent Energy fills a critical gap in the market of energy related commodities such as natural gas and power.  Our goal to connect end users with wholesale markets, eliminating the stream of intermediaries (and inefficiencies) in between.
Through technology, all players in financial and commodity markets are interconnected, bringing transparency, discipline, and security to global commerce.  Transparent Energy uses these resources to provide real-time pricing and ensure flexible—and most importantly—reliable delivery.
Today’s highly competitive markets require a team with experience and a broad knowledge base to monitor price movements and communicate these opportunities with end users.  We offer a variety of price and risk management strategies based on various risk tolerances and budgetary needs.


Although our physical deliverability presence is in the Midwest, we consult for a number of our customers on a nationwide scale.  We maintain strong relationships with other suppliers to ensure our customers have options throughout the United States.


The world is going green. If you are considering updating your facility to reduce energy consumption, Transparent Energy can help.  Most LDC’s throughout the country offer rebates or other incentives to help offset the up-front costs of installation and reduce the payback time on investment. Transparent Energy will work with you and the respective LDC to track down these programs and ensure bottom-dollar costs for your investment.


Our customers use this tool to help track pricing and keep track of the major swings in the market.  This information helps our customers stay connected to make sure there are no surprises at month end. Our customers use these tools to help monitor pricing and track overall trends in the market.